Spulboy FAQ

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Why should I use a Spülboy® for cleaning glasses and what are the benefits?

The Original Spülboy® is the ideal solution to provide hygienically immaculate glasses for serving drinks quickly, economically and in an environmentally friendly manner. The cold washing process ensures clean glasses that can be used at short notice and is particularly beer foam-friendly in combination with the Spülboy® glass washing tablets. In addition, Spülboy® units are portable and particularly space-saving.

What requirements must be met so that I can use the Spülboy® with no restrictions?

A tap water connection with a minimum pressure of 2 bar, a suitable connection (see the connection options download) and a sink (depending on the model) are all that is needed to be able to operate a Spülboy® .

Why is it best to use detergent in tablet form?

The use of washing tablets over liquid detergent has the advantage that the tablet sits in the pre-wash area and therefore ensures the continuous release of cleaning concentrate, whereas the liquid version is washed away prematurely by the circulation of water.

What makes an Original Spülboy® different from other manual glass washers?

In principle, it must be said that we use raw materials of a consistent high quality, which considerably increases the life cycle of the Spülboy. It has been demonstrated that the cleaning performance is hygienically immaculate and also the technical sophistication of the Spülboy is impressive. The patented hermetically sealed base, such as on the Classic range, the globally unique, innovative hygienic design of the NU Line, the 2-level fresh water rinsing and the extremely maintenance-friendly design of the respective units are just a few significant advantages.

We will be happy to advise you personally

What guarantee or warranty claims are provided with the Spülboy?

Schäfer Produkte GmbH / SpulBoy Germany offers you a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase. We will remedy all defects free of charge during this period, which are proven to be due to faulty material or workmanship and substantially impair its function.

The warranty will become void in case of any kind of intervention not authorized by Spulboy. Also excluded is damage resulting from failure to follow the operating instructions, improper handling or normal wear and tear.


Where can I get Original Spülboy® spare parts and accessories?

You can purchase all spare parts and accessories for Original Spülboy products directly from us by telephone, email or via the online store.

Can I replace the head valve myself?

Yes, a detailed guide to replacing the head valve can be found in the download archive on our website.

What do I do if the Spülboy® is damaged (wash canister, amongst other things)?

Call us at 514-524-6005 or email us at info@spulboy.ca

How do I connect the Spülboy® ?

Install the Spülboy® in a bar sink with a suitable tap water connection and drain. Fasten the enclosed connection hose to the unit. Please make sure that the sealing ring is lodged in the designated groove on the unit side to avoid leaks. Set the “easy clix” safety slide to “OFF”, attach the connector to the Spülboy® connection nozzle and then engage the slide in the “ON” position. This is how to activate the lock and a “clix” signals a safe connection. Then place the unit in the bar sink and fasten the other end of the water connection hose with a 3/8″ wing to the under tap of the water fitting. Please also make sure that the seal fits correctly on the hose side. An illustration can be found in the enclosed operating instructions or in the download archive on our website.

Your SPÜLBOY® team will be happy to inform you about alternative connection options on request.

Can I clean the Spülboy® in a dishwasher?

Spülboy® glass washers should not be cleaned with the aid of an electric dishwasher. This shortens the life cycle of the units and may lead to damage or invalidate warranty claims. If you still wish to clean your unit in a machine, the water temperature should be a maximum of 60°C.

How high does the minimum water pressure need to be to use the Spülboy® without any problems?

The water pressure should be at least 2 bar in order to ensure good rinsing and a powerful supply of fresh water in the pre-wash canister. The maximum pressure should be 6 bar to avoid functional damage or increased wear on the components.