Spülboy NU® Portable


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Chemical Starter Kit

  • 1 Box Glass Scrubbing Tablets
  • 1 Sanitizer
  • 1 Glass Drying Mat

Welcome to the NU world! The innovative hygienic design of the Spülboy NU combines an extremely sturdy construction with the perfect hygienic cleaning performance. A shot glass or tankard? NU easily cleans all types of glasses and sets new standards.

Mobile washing simply everywhere! Spülboy NU can be used flexibly anywhere without a sink and a complicated installation thanks to the waste water drain hose extension. NU portable washes quickly, economically and hygienically in an environmentally friendly manner.


Technical details

W/H/D – 39.7 x 33.7 x 26.5 cm
Weight – 3.1 kg
Canister Ø – 17cm -20cm (oval)
Internal glass height – 26 mm
Drain Hose- 100 cm

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